• Parents Push Kids to Learn PC Programming

Parents Push Kids to Learn PC Programming
Encouraged by their parents, more primary school children are taking up computer programming to learn how to make websites.
Parents apparently feel that if their children acquire programming skills it will help them in future, given the current environment in which kids are familiarizing themselves with information technology from a young age thanks to the spread of smartphones and tablet computers.
This trend has attracted the attention of companies as a new business opportunity, as illustrated by the number of major after-school private study schools that have opened courses targeting children who hope to acquire computer programming skills.
In mid-May, primary school students expressed their enthusiasm in a programming class run by Litalico Inc., a company based in Meguro Ward, Tokyo, which operates a cram school chain.
One child said, "Great! It really moved," while another said, "By changing this number, the character gets stronger."
The class began in April with about 300 children attending.
"Even though I quit an English-language class, programming is fun so I've kept at it," a sixth-grade boy said.
Parents have great expectations for the class.
A 45-year-old company employee from Ota Ward, Tokyo, whose son, a first-year primary school student, attends the class, said: "In the future, programming skills will be like today's English-language skills. It's important for [my son] to become accustomed to programming while he's small."
In a survey last August of about 620 mothers whose children were of primary school age or younger, Recruit Lifestyle Co. found that computer programming ranked seventh among subjects they hoped their children would learn.

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