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Spck Code Editor : is an online code editor and sandbox that lets you create, edit, test, and commit code anywhere. With advanced features like code hints and completions, managing multiple projects, and Github integration, you no longer have to make compromises when using a fully mobile compatible online JavaScript environment.

  • Description

Learn JavaScript, HTML, CSS by coding! Spck Editor lets you write code whenever, wherever. Quickly change code snippets, preview them, and commit to Github all with this tiny (but powerful) JavaScript IDE. There's no more need to compromise when developing on your mobile Android device.

*Back up your projects before uninstalling the app, otherwise you will likely lose the data! Upgrading/updating the app should be okay. Currently looking into possible solutions for this!

*Upload does not work on Android 4.4 (Kitkat) devices due to missing APIs. No solution right now. This is a progressive web app, so there are some things are beyond my control.
SPCK Editor

  • Features include:

- Manage multiple projects
- Extra keyboard for faster code edits
- Github Integration (pull or push commits)
- Diff viewer for Github projects
- Preview project on your device
- Simple project-wide code searching
- Code syntax analysis and smart autocompleter
- Code completion and context provider
- Auto code-indentation
- Different themes available
- Integrated JavaScript console
- Preview Markdown
- Export project to zip file
- Import project from zip file
- Works offline (fixed)
- Cool JavaScript labs to play with

Main languages supported:
- JavaScript, JSX, Typescript, TSX
- CSS, Less, SCSS, Stylus

Other popular languages (syntax highlighting only):
- Python, Ruby, R, Perl, Julia, Scala
- Java, C#, F#, OCaml, PHP 
- Golang, Rust
- Markdown, Batch, Bash
- ActionScript, Coldfusion, HaXe
+ More...
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